Worldwide viruses laptops sold in millions of dollars

Agency – A laptop with world’s six types of viruses is sold online. The hazardous virus-free laptop has been sold at $ 2 million ($ 10 million). The virus on the laptops is said to have damaged more than $ 100 billion worldwide.

Samsung NC 10-14 GB 10.2 Inch Lapap (2008) has been given the name of the Persecens of Use Artwork. His hazard by the Cyber ​​Security Security firm Deep Investigation. The firm said that there is a need to take adequate steps to ensure that the virus in that laptop does not prove to be dangerous in any way. The said laptop is not directly connected to the Internet. Because it is not connected to the Internet, it is noted that no other network is going to go through the virus. Also, before laptops to the buyer bought the laptop, its internet capabilities have been deactivated.

The virus called ‘I Love You’, ” Tumumra ”, ‘Banana’, ‘Dark Tula’ and ‘Block Energy’ said in the laptop. According to experts, it was not possible to sell that virus filled with Lipper. However, it has been sold artwork as well. Only auctioned for educational studies and research. The purpose of an experiment was to sell the goods to the freelance to be illegal.

Some of the 6 viruses in the said laptop still have a lot of damage. Earlier, the virus has made major damage. The virus called Vanakai Ransomware damaged $ 100 billion in the UK National Health Service. About two million computers in the world were affected by this. In 2015, a virus called Block Energy in Ukraine was blocked.