Top 10 Best Android Apps 2019 July

The apps we have selected in this blog are on the basis of their usage functionality and how unique these apps are and most importantly because they recently launched.

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1.Launcher Tile

Launcher tile adds up to 6 apps in a shortcut in your notification panel. You can just simply select the apps you want and then edit a notification bar and add the launcher tile to your list and whenever you tap on it you will get a pop0up from where you can launch your favorite apps. This feature is really helpful and instead of going through the list we can simply add the apps here and launch quickly over on launcher tile is a nice and simple app which works perfectly.

2. Kwench

Kwench is a water drinking reminder app and there are a lot of these apps available of play store but this app has a minimalistic design and the option which are pretty basic but it definitely does the job. This app helps you to stay hydrated and it suggests the no. of cups you should drink in a day according to the personalization data and you get frequent reminders which let you know that its time to hydrate and here you can just simply press a drink button and it records time as well. Overall the app helps you to stay hydrated by intelligently reminding you to drink water throughout the day

3. Face Pause

The face pause stops any game of app when you’re not looking at the screen. So basically once you set up, whenever you’re watching a video of a movie if somebody distracts you or you start looking somewhere else, the app immediately pauses the video of the game. It is definitely an interesting concept and I really find it helpful especially while watching videos you will see an overlay on your screen once the app is paused and as soon as you look back at your phone you will see the app is ready to use again. I wish there was an option of auto-playing the video or music once you resume, hopefully, we will see that in future updates nonetheless, it’s a unique app which I have tried this month so do give it a try

4. Feed list

Feed list as a name suggests is a news aggregator app. It helps you focus on what’s important to you and save time scrolling through different feeds in apps like facebook twitter and youtube. You can create your list and add pages from facebook, twitter users and youtube channel and creates a custom feeds for you which will show the feeds only from the selected users. You can share the content through the app itself or for youtube videos you can start playing the video directly. You can also make your list public and share it with your friends. There is also a paid version which will give you a subscription to add more profiles to each feed and they move it with an easement.

5. Retrowave wallpapers

Retrowave wallpapers app has the largest no. of high-quality retro and wave wallpapers. There are a lot of retro wallpapers in the app and that too in very high quality and to be exact there are over thousand wallpapers and you can either download them or apply them from the app itself. You can use the parallex effect or apply them as a normal wallpaper. The one things I really like about this app is you will hear the retro music playing in the background while going through the app which is also a nice touch. Apart from the static wallpapers, we have live wallpapers and gifts in the app. Overall this app has some of the best and unique retro wallpapers so please check it out.

6. Shade Launcher

Shade launcher is a minimalistic launcher app which offers you things which a home screen should have. First of all the app is just 1.9 megabytes and its a very lightweight launcher but still, it’s pack with a lot of essential features. This launcher looks like a stock pixel launcher which includes the adaptive icon support and also supports google now with add-ons. There are also themes which let us choose the overall look and feel based on nature. The best part which I like about launcher is the smart and red feature. The launcher has a widget below the date and time where you can
see the notifications and we can go to the app itself from there. you can also control music from here, single tap to pause, double-tap to skip the track and triple tap to go to the previous track and according to me this feature alone makes its launcher worth installing so do give it a try.

7. Betta fish live wallpaper

Betta fish live wallpaper is a 3D wallpaper for your phone if you like aquarium fishes then this wallpaper is perfect for you. Para fish is also known as the fighter fish which has many types of shapes, colors, and details which you can also experience with this live wallpaper
it is a pretty cool app and if you like fishes then I’m sure you’ll find this wallpaper app pretty amazing.

8.Boom music player

Boom music player is a powerful player which allows you to listen to music with 3d surround sound and powerful bass. At the time of initial setup, it asks you the type of your headphones and then you immediately notice, that how good this app works. You can connect to your Spotify account and also play music from a google drive and dropbox. The 3d surround sound definitely works and I mainly use Bluetooth headset and there is a noticeable difference with the 3d sound activated. You can also customize the equalizer according to your requirement or leave it on auto. Overall, boom music player offers 3d technology which delivers the most realistic and immersive music experience so definitely give it a try,
and feel the difference yourself.

9. Split-screen launcher

Split-screen is a wonderful option we have on our phone these days but we hardly use it because activating split-screen for 2 apps is a tedious task but with this app, you can simply create the shortcuts of the apps you want to use in split-screen and whenever you open the shortcut you will see both the apps in split-screen. I have used this kind of apps earlier but after some time I noticed either they stopped working or doesn’t work properly but this app works perfectly. I mainly use a split-screen view while shopping to compare the prices in two different apps. Overall, the split-screen launcher is a simple yet very helpful app for your phone

10.miui-ify notification shade

Miui-ify provides a smooth fast and native feeling of MIUI 10 style quick bottom settings and notification panel on your phone. you can use a different option such as toggle wifi, Bluetooth and a lot more. Once you setup the app, you can move the position of the bar so that it doesn’t interfere with the navigation gestures of your phone. For example, I have set up the bar on the left edge on the screen now and whenever I swipe on the left edge you can see we have button notification panel. You can also add and move icon service and bars apart from the brightness. You can also add the volume bar at the notification panel. MIUI-ify notification shade is add-ons for your phone which helps you to toggle different settings without reaching the top of your phone especially if you have a big phone.

That’s it guys, these are the top 10 best new android apps we have found for the month of July for your android devices. Let me know which apps you like that we have featured today or do tell us your favorite new app of the month in the comment section below.

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