The social network’s drug is horrible!

The social network drug is more dangerous than alcohol or alcohol. Once you get intoxicated, the sleep of a man loses, and they remain forgotten in the night.

Talking on chat, they do not feel thirsty nor do they like any other work. In social networks, social friends have started making friends, traveling and expensive clothes, wearing pictures of jewelry, dissatisfaction with personal life.

British writer Catherine Armor has been suggesting this, suggesting that he has suggested ways to get rid of social network addiction to ‘Shawai Social Media is continuing your life’.

Do not worry behind the fear of debate

In social networks, you can not communicate with your eyes by combining your eyes. Sometimes people show that feeling by letting them post or post a good comment on chat.

Looking forward to meeting real-life and conversations will likely be the difference between the differences. Many people are afraid of talking about a lot of conversations by fear of debate, which is wrong.

Set ‘phone free’ zone

The Bedroom and Living Room allow you to spend time with busy work and spend time with family. That’s why counseling makes it a phone call zone.

They should also be asked to avoid using the phone in the dining room so that the family can take full advantage of having fun with the family. The time to use the phone should also be determined. Two hours a day should be spent with a partner and child.

Add to Offline

According to Catherine, the relationship is a pleasure key. However, relationships with you should not be limited to the online world alone. From time to time and talking on the phone makes a relationship stronger.

Take time to meet with friends on Facebook, Whatapps. Make a rule to speak on the phone in the week, two weeks. If the partner does not support you in your case, it is beneficial for them to expand.

Do not imagine

Everyone shows different ways of showing love and the importance of their friends. However, it does not benefit if you want to imagine that you are in imagination or in movies like in your life.

So Facebook or ShowsAllow your partner to chat with your partner in a chat with a costly gift or a surprise dinner date, do not expect this with your partner too.

Avoid Comparison

Never let your feelings dominate in the Facebook world’s stirring and vigorous emotions. Do not compare the happiness of others in the same social network.

Never miss the opportunity to travel with your spiritual people and have the chance to celebrate happily with them.