Helpful in reducing migraine using Smartphone App: Research

New York
Researchers have developed a smartphone-based relaxation technology that reduces headaches in those suffering from migraine. Relax Ahead app patients have progressive muscle relief (PMR) – this type of treatment is therapy, in which the muscle groups are given alternative comfort and stress to reduce the stress of the patient.

The findings of the research have been published in the magazine ‘Nature Digital Medicine’. Evaluated the diagnostic effectiveness of an app for the treatment of migraine and added an app to standard therapies like oral therapy in the care of a physician. Mia Minen, Assistant Professor of New York University said, “Physicians need to reconsider their approach to migraine, there are many in the approved remedies that do not work for all lifestyle people.”

For studies, participants were asked to use the app for 90 days and asked to keep the headache daily, whereas the app monitored how often and how often the patient used PMR. During the research, an average of 13 days was seen in patients during the month of research. In this, 39 percent of the patients reported being worried, while 30 percent were suffering from depression.