Does Facebook stop?

With the data released by the user data of 8 million 70 million, the American Congress questioned Facebook founder and chief Mark Zuckerberg on Monday and asked for two days on Tuesday.

He was asked for a question of 10 hours in the Senate and Congress. Senators asked more than 600 questions to Zuckerberg. Some time ago, the third party with the Facebook details of the Facebook user has been revealed to the political consultancy called Cambridge Anatetica. Because of this, using the data and the results of the 2016 2016 election has changed the political environment of America.

Similarly, Facebook has been hit by Facebook using Facebook’s interference in the US elections. Due to the incident, a major issue has been raised on Facebook’s privacy. Here are some of the questions about the various cinematographs of American Congress called Zuckerberg:

Senator Nelson: The data that steal data from the user is extremely disappointing. This is not only the topic of user data of 8 million 70 million, but is Facebook’s negligence. After knowing that Cambridge Anatolica has collected data on such a large number, why did not the relevant user data about data stolen?

Zuckerberg: In 2015, when we found that Cambridge analytics used our user’s data from a third party’s app in 2015, we took action against it. Apply the app on the third party immediately. Apply to App App and collect data collected by Cambridge Analytica. They responded to the information that they have dipped data. However, it was our mistake to believe them. Betrayed We started researching on our behalf. Now we will not allow such mistakes again in the future.

Senator Nelson: You apologized for the incident, but did not inform the user about the theft of data. Do you know the moral responsibility to inform you?

Zuckerberg: The Senator Sir, Cambridge Anatolica, removed the data from the user and gave us the information that we had left after giving us the information we did not use. That’s our mistake. They did not have to believe. We have changed our policy now. We are committed to saying that mistake does not happen again.

Senator Tunon: This is probably not the first incident facing Facebook’s serious questions related to privacy. According to Wide Magazine, Facebook has been apologizing for the last 14 years, despite the weakness of the user due to its weaknesses. It has been more than a decade since the commitment to not repeat such incidents. How do you differ from this apology before? How do I believe that Facebook protects the privacy of the user?

Zuckerberg: Thanks, President. We have made a lot of mistakes while using a Facebook company. In my opinion, in today’s situation, the company started from its small room was really impossible to reach something wrong. We started the service to help people connect with each other through the medium of the network. We have tried repeatedly not to repeat the same mistake. However, the nature of our service has made it difficult to manage. Apart from privacy, we have felt that we should play a big role in the lack of news and the shortage of foreign interference in elections. Our responsibility is to be seen from the broad range. After this incident, I am committed to resolving the problem that the user really feels different in the future.

– We did not think so much about our responsibilities. We made a big mistake. This is my mistake
Was it Since I started Facebook, I will take over all the events done so far. I promise to not repeat the mistake in the coming days.

– We have been using artificial intelligence to prevent spreading content from spreading. However, in addition to English, it is extremely difficult to identify offensive material when a user uses different languages according to their surroundings.

– In 2015, we found that Cambridge analytics used our user data from a third-party app. Soon we told to delete the data collected by the App Creator and the Cambridge Analytica. They provided information that the data was digitized. But, do not. Betrayed

Senator Tune: It is a matter of interest in how to disguise the wrongdoers who have legal political debate and hatred for anyone. In artificial intellectuals and some other technology, articles and statements that are targeted to anyone in Facebook-based context are used-how do you disagree?

Zuckberg: President Sir, we will make a comprehensive change in the current content policy for its purpose. We have been using artificial intelligence to prevent hatred content from spreading. If users report offensive and malicious words used to be used, we immediately remove such content. We have been in the development of artificial intellectuals who can identify specific material to the fixed level. In addition, we will be planning to review 20 thousand people till the end of this year to review the security and content. However, in addition to English, it is extremely difficult to identify offensive material when a user uses different languages ​​according to their surroundings. I am optimistic to succeed to a great extent to solve such problems within the next five to 10 years.

Senator Feinstein: Automatic Internet Software is used for misleading information. What are you doing to take action against the abuse of Facebook?

Zuckerberg: Facebook is not allowed to open a false account. Despite this, we have developed technical means for the identification of a false account. These methods have been used in the removal of liquidity accounts. Our main priority is not to let us use a false account in the upcoming election day.

Senator Canvell: What do you think about Cambridge’s Anatolica’s collaboration with the trump during the presidential elections of 2016? Have Facebook employees been used to flow that type of information?

Zuckerberg: We are serving the advertiser, or the advertiser asking for our service. Accordingly, we supported the trump in the election campaign.

Senator Canvell: Did you mean that Trump’s side is supporting the election?

Zuckerberg: Will Senator Sir repeat that question again? I want to understand the meaning of the question you asked.

Senator Canvell: Cambridge worked at the presidential election of the 2016 troop campaign strategy, and did not any Facebook employees engage in this work?

Zuckerberg: I do not know if our staff is attached to the Cinematograph Anatolica, Senator Sir. However, in collaboration with other companies, we have helped in the Trump campaign.

Senator Canvale: So, at the same time, your employee may have been involved in a Facebook company and also participated in the trump campaign, at the same time?

Zuckerberg: Senator sir, I do not know anything right now. Just checking about this can tell me something here.

Senator Lihe: Facebook still has flagged and confusing pages. Selection of the 2016 elections appears like a Facebook page used by the Russian agent. Can you believe that these groups have used the Russian side?

Zuckerberg: Senator Sir, Last week, our advertising policy has made major changes. From this, we will identify every advertiser who advertises us.

Senator Lehi: I have asked about the page related to a particular Russian agent. Are they the pages related to Russia or not?

Zuckerberg: I’m not sure about such content.

Senator Lehi: However, you have changed your advertising policy. Now, can you find a Russian agent not involved in the page?

Zuckerberg: We’re working for that. Political issues affect us to identify donors who advertise us. We are working according to the Act of the Most Aid Act.

Senator Lehi: But why did not you give a specific answer to the question I asked?

Zuckerberg: I’m not aware of that particular issue.

Senator Lehi: OK. If so, find out the answer and bring it to me?

Zuckerberg: My group with answers will come to you.

Senator Lehi: Facebook has come out that the Android Phone Users Collection and Text History collects out, is this true?

Zuckerberg: Senator sir, we have an application called Messenger to send a message to the user’s Facebook friends. This app has given the user permission to synchronize the text message. The corresponding partner messages have been made to say the text of mobile and messenger text can be viewed in one place in one app.

Senator Wicker: Both messages can be the only option that can be used without having to use this option.

Zuckerberg: The user has access to mobile text only after syncing the mobile text and the Messenger app.

Senator Wicker: Facebook does not collect user’s call and text history, unless it does not have to sleep so much, is it?

Zuckerberg: Yes, right.

Senator Wicker: Even after the user has logged out of Facebook, reports have also come out that Facebook can see the user’s internet browsing activity. Is that true

Zuckerberg: Senator sir, I..I can not say anything about this. After discussion with my group, I can definitely say something.

Senator Wicker: Do not you know?

Zuckerberg: I ​​know that people use Cookies on the Internet while using Facebook. However, you just want to be sure to answer the questions you have asked.

Senator Wicker: When does this answer?

Zuckerberg: Sir, I will follow it for you.

Senator Graham: Help us to make the necessary rules to regulate the Internet industry?

Zuckerberg: I’ll make sure.

Senator Graham: OK So, send us some possible rules?

Zuckerberg: hi. My group is ready to help you. For this, we can argue with the various Internet caterpillars. There is a need for debate between various Internet companies.

Senator Graham: We are waiting.

Zuckerberg: We did not think that our responsibility could be so big. We made a big mistake. It was my fault. Because of the fact that I started Facebook, I will take it to everyone. I promise to not make mistakes twice in the coming days.