Careful! Eggs are also fake

At this time, the fake eggs have seen a huge number of Indian markets. People have started getting sick with fake eggs. Due to the open border, Nepali has to be alert too.

Because of the appearance of the same appearance, it is hard to see which colorful eggs and what is implicit. These types of eggs are known to be fake:

  • Comparison of fake eggs is slightly harder compared to cyclic. In the inner part of the bark, the rubber is like rubber.
  • The fake eggs slowly hit the finger when the finger is slow, which is smaller than the sound.
  • If you leave eggs for a while, then white and yellow parts of eggs begin to be mixed in some time. So that is the duplicate egg.
  •  Fake eggs do not drop water even after they are cooked. Keeping it out for many days does not even hurt it, it is neither a problem.
  • If that fake egg is inserted in the pan to make acid, the yellow part starts spreading around the pan. As long as the smooth egg is put in the pan, the yellow part stays in a lid.

What are fake eggs? How is it made?

Fake eggs have many beliefs coming from China, so it also says ‘Chinese eggs’. By mixing these eggs in Sodium Alzenetet, the mixture is made by mixing ingredients called gelatin, alum, and benzoin.

This mixture is also used to prepare the inner part of the egg inside and white outside. The yellow color is used in the mixture to make a yellow part. Calcium chloride is used to make egg batteries.